Merry Christmas

Hello boys and girls!

Just wanted to come by and wish you all a Merry Christmas! (and probably a Happy New Year!)


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Fencing Horses

I believe that many people around the world love horses. I can understand why – horses are magnificent creatures that can very easily become a loyal friend. But I also know that not many people can actually breed and live with horses. First of all, you would need to live outside the city, on a property with grasslands which should be big enough to provide the horse “breathing space”. Then you would have to make sure that the area you provide for the horses is properly fenced. A properly fenced horse property will keep the animals safe because they can sustain many injuries otherwise.

A picture of a galloping horse

One of the main things to keep in mind when building a fence to contain horses is the visibility of the fence. For example, if you have a wire fence, there is a possibility that the horse might get entangled in it if it sees it too late when galloping. That is why wired fences and not really a good idea for containing horses, especially a barbed wire fence because if the horse entangles in a barbed wire fence, it can sustain permanent damage from injuries. If you do go for a wired fence, then it should be meshed and dense enough not to allow the animal to put it’s leg through the mesh hole. It should also be made from heavy-gauge wire. Electric fence is an option, but keep in mind that the shock should be carefully adjusted so it doesn’t cause permanent damage to the horses. Most often in movies we see horses being fenced with white wooden fences. It is an option, yes, but keep in mind that wood is a high-maintenance material when used, especially if you use more – as you would for a pasture. You could use a synthetic fence that resembles a wooden one – it is lower maintenance, but it costs more to construct. The two best options are metal (pipes) or concrete. Both are pretty expensive to construct, but are very low maintenance; pretty visible so the horse couldn’t run into one accidentally; prevent the horse entangling his legs into one. They can even be used as a combination: first you build a concrete wall, about a meter high and drive pipes into it – use it like a base. This would totally eliminate the possibility of leg entanglement and it would be more than visible enough to prevent the horses from accidentally running into it.


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Hiring a Fence

Apart from your regular garden / home / property fences, there are situations when you only need a fence for a short period of time (temporary fence). It would be very unwise to go and purchase / construct a fence for a very short period only and that is why there are lots of companies out there that will rent you a fence. That’s right – there are companies that will hire you a temporary fence for lots of purposes: construction sites, concerts, temporary parking lots, people gatherings that require crowd control etc.


Here’s an example of how a heras fence panel looks like. You have probably seen these around construction sites:

An example of a heras panel fence mostly used on construction sites




And here is an example of a crowd control barrier, used for people gatherings:

Crowd Control Barrier

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Garden Fence Ideas

Here is a nice video that might give you an idea of the garden fence type you would want to build for your garden. Bonus – nice music :)


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Maintaining a Wooden Fence

Wooden fences are the type of fences that require a bit more maintenance than other types of fences because of the materials used (wood). The wooden panels used for fences are susceptible to termites and rotting for example, unlike other fence types. First of all, you must make sure that you perform often inspections. The sooner you spot a problem needs fixing, the smaller the amount of effort, time and resources. Make sure your wooden fence is properly stained to give it a proper protection from the elements. Also, you must remember that you need to re-stain your fence panels once every few years because the layer falls of under the influence of the weather conditions (rain, snow, sunlight). If you have broken / rotting panels, you can just replace those panels (that’s one of the perks of using a wooden fence).

Another thing to look out for are termites – it is very important to spot them early on because they might go for your house after the fence. There are different pesticide solutions available for that purpose. If you spot mold or dirt on your wooden fence panels, a simple hosing / scrubbing will do the trick.

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